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The Hopkinton Trails Club is a volunteer group of area residents dedicated to enjoying and enhancing the existing trails in Town while promoting the creation of new trails and improving trail connections throughout the Community. The group has a monthly meeting, organizes walks at least once each month, and participates in trail maintenance activities. The Club encourages residents to get involved in enjoying these resources and participating in club efforts.


  • The Upper Charles Trail Committee has posted two reports prepared by the Conway School of Landscape Design. They're an important step in the process of developing Hopkinton's portion of the Upper Charles Trail, so give them a read.

  • Did you miss our Center/Welzel trail walk? Check the Events page to see about our next activities.

  • The Club is participating in Hopkinton's 300th Anniversary parade in September. We have a nice new banner and we hope to have a contingent of folks showing the various activities we support. We've got walkers (of course), a horse rider, and an XC skier (carrying his skis). We could use a mountain biker, a backpacker, a paddler (lifejacket & paddle?) and any others you can think of. If you'd like to participate, send us an email.

  • Speaking of anniversaries, the Trails Club turns 10 years old this fall. Hooray for us!

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