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The Hopkinton Trails Club is a volunteer group of area residents dedicated to enjoying and enhancing the existing trails in Town while promoting the creation of new trails and improving trail connections throughout the Community. The group organizes monthly walks for the community, participates in trail maintenance activities, and has a monthly meeting to discuss trail issues. The Club encourages residents to get involved in enjoying these resources and participating in club efforts.


  • COVID-19 info: We're still not gathering to walk, but we encourage you to get out and enjoy Hopkinton's Trails on your own, following the usual precautions. You can also use the Links and Maps pages to find trails in other communities. Fresh air, exercise, and new experiences to enjoy. Stay well!

  • The Trails Club is supporting a petition to keep the trails in town unpaved. If you agree, please consider adding your support. One note (since it's come up as a question)... Unpaved trails CAN be ADA-compliant. Examples include Hopkinton's Center, Echo, and Hughes Trails, and Holliston's portion of the Upper Charles Trail. All are packed stone dust trails, and all are compliant.

  • Check out the pictures from our Peloquin Woods walk to see how we practice social distancing!

  • Do you need some trail expertise? Reach out to us. We can provide info or even guides for your group (Scouts, club, public service group at work, etc.), guidance regarding getting trails built, and lots of other help. Send us an email and we'll be happy to work with you.

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